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Salani Design & Merchandising, specializes in marketing, consultation, identity development and visual communication for all types of business needs.

At Salani Design & Merchandising, you will find the experience and high-level capabilities you expect from a big-box design firm, but with the flexibility of a family-owned and operated business.  From initial design concepts to a fully assembled package, we will work with you to provide the exact product you require. We provide comprehensive services, including graphic and structural design, 3D rendering, prototyping, manufacturing and fulfillment.
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Make the most of your pricing strips with a Salani Design & Merchandising proprietary Multi-Channel Mylar Expander. Gain additional space and keep the size of your price tags. The dual channel strip slides into your pre-existing channel with no adhesive.
•  Easy to install

•  Fits in pre-existing price channel

•  No adhesive - move or remove at any time

•  Reusable - just switch printed graphic strips

•  Greatly increases marketing space
Additional Endstand Options
•  Standard header display card with clips

•  Plastic or corrugate trays

•  Shelf talkers

•  Aisle blades

•  Side graphic panels

pull back pre-existing
mylar strip
Step 1:
pull back the smaller flap on the back of the strip and fit into pre-exisiting strip
Step 2:
Step 4:
Step 3:
slide entire multi-channel strip into place
insert graphic strips
Increase your marketing space with
Multi-Channel Mylar Expander
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Schaumburg, IL 60173